Why You Should Consider Adding A Gallery Wall To Your Bathroom

2022-12-05 20:31:40 By : Mr. Oscar Liao

Gallery walls have caught the eye of every DIYer who enjoys switching up the feel of their home with attractive décor. Gorgeous gold framed photographs or art hung in various layouts that look like organized clutter. When creating a gallery wall, it's essential to have a theme that includes similar frames and color palettes to keep everything looking cohesive, claims blog CB2. Gallery walls are versatile and complement any interior, such as modern, vintage, farmhouse, or maximalist. When choosing the best place for your gallery wall, most DIYers set it up in the living room, hallway, staircase, or bedroom, but hardly the bathroom, which can spruce up the ambiance.

Most homeowners don't think to add a gallery wall to their bathroom, but it can be a great discussion topic after guests use it. They'll be left wondering where every piece is from and thinking about starting their gallery wall project. You can include different gallery walls and don't have to be over the top, such as a grid wall, cohesive wall, linear gallery wall, or pop of art. The great thing about them is you can add as little or as many art pieces as you'd like. The bathroom tends to be one of the smaller rooms in the house, so a simple gallery wall can go a long way. Toilet Wc Toilet

Why You Should Consider Adding A Gallery Wall To Your Bathroom

Whether you decorate your bathroom with colorful wallpaper, floating shelves, or trinkets, you should feel relaxed since you have an extra artsy room to get ready. Paper & Stitch claims some of the best ways to refresh and decorate your space should include fresh linens, new scents in your soap, a touch of greenery, and hanging up wall art. Adding wall art to your bathroom enlivens the space, so a gallery art with different types of photos and art can bring the place to life.

When choosing artwork for your bathroom gallery wall, remember to ensure they're sealed and framed. According to the blog Charish, artworks, such as oil paintings, can be damaged by the steam and moisture that accumulates in the bathroom. So place images or posters in glass frames if you want to hang them. However, you might get away with free-hung artwork if you have excellent ventilation. Opening the windows or turning on the fan during showers can help reduce steam and moisture.

To showcase multiple artworks, you'll have to figure out the right size for each frame. Charish suggests hanging a 30-inch frame if you're hanging a single frame on one wall, but small to medium-sized frames work perfectly for a gallery wall. A linear gallery wall accounts for three to four frames that can be the same size to make it look cohesive. On the other hand, a grid style can involve different-sized brackets to display various photos or art. Try picking pieces that complement your interior's style and arrange them sparingly throughout the wall.

Why You Should Consider Adding A Gallery Wall To Your Bathroom

Wc P Trap Toilet Once you figure out your gallery wall's theme and color palette, you can start hanging up your art pieces. Deciding which wall to use for your gallery wall can be tricky, depending on the size of your bathroom. Blogger At Home with Ashley redecorated her bathroom, painting a few pink walls and a rainbow gallery accent wall with colorful prints and designs, placing each frame along the window by the tub. If you have a smaller bathroom, display your gallery wall on the largest wall, whether it's across the toilet, bathroom, or vanity. If your toilet is in the corner, suspend the artwork along the connecting walls. Place the frames a few inches apart for the wall to peep through and enhance the room's focus.